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The Traveller

Liber Magick Kaos (miriadic text #1)

The Book of Magick Kaos

Chapter I : Of Kaos

  1. The Natural Spiral which inhabits all things is the microcosm which must be followed.
  2. The Natural Spiral which we inhabit is the macrocosm that must be followed.
  3. Order imposed upon reality is a dream, and feeds only Choronzon and his ilk.
  4. When your religions and governments, sciences and arts begin to reflect the fluidity, randomness, and fractal nature of the Reality you Inhabit, then all conflicts and Entropy will cease.
  5. The Aether within us flows in fractal, kaotic patterns, which create channels or flows of energy: the main component of this being our chakra systems and the aura field that surrounds it.
  6. Kaos is the organization or system of the Natural World. It is how reality is created. No other man-made Order is needed. Humankind would do well to follow the patterns of Kaos in order to form bonds and relationships with his Reality, for Kaos knows the secrets of True Love.
  7. Order causes wars, causes deaths, causes Entropy because it was created egotistically by humankind to make Reality "serve" him. Kaos, Nature, and Reality self-destruct when made to "serve" anything. The Will of God serves no Man.
  8. When we are in Tune, in Resonance with Kaos, we are aligned with the Will of Gods, the Sephiroth (the Light Spheres of Flow), and the Rest of Creation. Then energy flows, life is resotred, love continues flawlessly.
  9. Kaos is creative, regenerative, life-infusing, flowing, random, prideless, modest, user-friendly, magickal, and infinite. Kaos has only one Law. That Law is Love. Christ spoke of this law, but no "Christian" ever listened, instead, they created an Order in his name.
  10. The Orders that fear Kaos are willing servants of the Qliphoth, non-entities intent on eating all of space time by creating more cancerous Order wherever it goes. You can tell who serve these 'Gods' by their adherence to irrational Orders, their arbitrary rules and regulations, their use of violence and harm in order to enforce these false 'laws', deprivation of creation and creativity through the use of readily available materials (the enslavement through work), the use of fear to acheive a sense of 'domination' over the other Kaotic beings living on this planet. These things shall point out the servants of Order.
  11. Just as a tree cannot grow inside of a box, a people (a civilization?) can never flourish under the borders, laws, or economies of any Order. The ultimate goal of humankind is vertical, not horizontal. That is, the myriad of stars, and other Kaotic dimensions.
  12. Kaos is the Nature of Aether that is in all things.
  13. Aether cannot be seen. It is the Invisible Center, and the Infinite, Continuous Circle. But it flows and follows the 'rules' of Kaos. It is directed by Magick, which is the use of the Elements to Direct the Shadow of the Light - in tune with the Will of Kaos - and thus affect the Real.
  14. Magick itself is a Lost Art because of Order. It has removed, at least in the Knowledge or Understanding of the Public, the information concerning Magick, Kaos, the Will, and other functions of our infinite capabilities in order to 'control' us.
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