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The Traveller

Agent Traveller's conversation with Molar Mountre

I sat down to talk with Molar Mountre about recent events, only to learn a bit of the secrets of advances in pineal technology... I was escorted into a large warehouse, shortly after eating breakfast this morning, for a quick interview session with the mentor of the group known as Miriad, which does not exist.

T!: "So, Mr. Mountre, what do you think of the current situation with the search for Weapons of Mass Distraction in Iraq?"

MM: "There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. This does not come as any kind of shock or surprise to anyone, I'm sure, because we all know why we went to Iraq. It was to "free" those Iraqi people, who were living in such horrible conditions, uh, in the middle of the desert, ruled by a horrible dictator, that the creation of which, we, ah, had minimal dealings with in the 1980's against Iran."

T!: "So, what do you think needs to be done about this falsely created war? What can we do?"

MM: "In retaliation for this, I'm going to give laser pointers to little children and set them loose in the airports across America."

T!: "But, isn't that illegal? Isn't there already a laser-conspiracy gripping the nation?"

MM: "I don't think you realize the scale and scope of the air traffic infrastructure. To give innocent little children laser pointers is to give them Light. This is redundant, anyway, since most of our mutant children can already produce laser beams from their pineal gland, and don't require a laser device in order to infiltrate the cockpits of these commercial airlines with their Light."

T!: "Of course, the commercial airlines could always put mirrored glass on their fucking windshields."

MM: "True. And yet they would still see the pineal lasers. Which are, of course in color range from pink to purple."

T!: "Have those appeared in any of the corporate controlled mainstream reports?"

MM: "Not concurrently, no. You see, there are a lot of copycats out there, who think they can buy a Class IIIa laser product and have the same effect. Sure, you can blind someone with one of these, but you can't enLight-en them with one of these handheld devices. Most of the population is already spiritually blind to some degree, anyway, so what is the difference?"

T!: "So, no one is reporting the pineal lasers in the cockpits of commercial airlines."

MM: "No, because they aren't visible with the naked eye. You need special sensing equipment for this function. The regular lasers being beamed at commercial airlines are either by CIA agents trying to get the normal handheld devices off the market, for some unknown reason, or by copycat people who know about the pineal lasers. Of course, when I say laser I mean focused Light. Regular optical lasers are crap for enlightening people. They cause radiation damage. The pineal lasers, since the pineal gland is a two way organ, actually, when developed by our mutant children, are capable of transmitting anywhere. Pineal lasers can etch holograms into Reality."

T!: "Has this been confirmed?"

MM: "Many resonant social events have been re-engineered using this pineal holographic laser technology. It is not in the hands of any of our planet's socially inept Governments, thankfully. They are too integrated with the viral meme of Ego to even boot up any of the pineal wetware available to the human soul. Note that I said 'soul' and not 'mind'."

T!: "So, the pineal organ acts as both a transmitter and a reciever of light?"

MM: "Well, when evolved, yes. It is capable of transmitting light as well as recieving it. It can etch holograms into reality. Of course, the average human is not evolved or mutated yet. Too busy working 40 hour work weeks. Going to universities learning useless crap. The stuff you have been doing, Traveller"

T!: "Right, well, I have to end this interview, it was good talking to you. Even though you don't exist. Maybe in our next conversation we can talk about how to access some of that pineal technology."
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