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Today's Discussion: Time

Okay, I'm sure people want to know all about my wonderful discoveries.

Today on our magickal journey we will begin with one of the four Forces. The first Force we will explore is Time. Time is represented by the Trigram:


Anyone who has visited my Book of Shadows @ will know that it is arranged using this trigram system. (I haven't updated those links to the pages in the Book in a while, but I mean to...). Of course, Time represents the Miriadic school of thought (which I tend to call Sects) called Nihilism, which isn't really a study of Nothing or No-Thing-Ness inasmuch as it is the study of Shadow, of the Qliphoth, and other Miskatonic matters.

There is a relationship (this is mainly what I am looking into) between Time, Gravity, Light, and Shadow. We all know about Black Holes. They are essentially stars (Light-emitting plasma/Fire Elements) that have collapsed in on themselves, and show us how Gravity, Light, and Time are related to Shadow. These four Forces are between each of the four classical Elements (which are nothing less than the 4 states of Matter). Time and Gravity are two of the forces that directly and energetically affect the Elements or Materia.

Normally, you would not see Gravity and Time in a discusion on Magick. Like Light and Shadow, they are not considered part of the Elements. But they are Forces. You might say that they are Laws or something, even. But I tend to think of them like I think of the 4 Elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth) now. They are Elemental-like, but more like Forces that bind the Elements together - although the fundamental force that binds all things together is Spirit or Aether.

I am not even saying that any of this is correct and that you should follow what it says. I'm just saying its a work in progress and I am studying relationships between things.

Anyway, my experiments in the last decade have led me to believe that Time Magick is possible, even probable. Gravity Magick, maybe better described as Space Magick (including, but not limited to the arts of bilocation and teleportation) is also very possible. Now, are they possible without the aid of technology at this level of human spiritual development? Certainly. That is the goal and the aim of the MerKaBa teachings.
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