Alien fleets are coming to Earth.


In less then 6 months a whole bunch of ships is going to labnd on earth from Alpha-Z or maybe some other planet, populated by greys/Saurians. Reptilian, some nords (lots of them) and odd Martian or two (very odd) are all part of one conspiracy. Jihad seems to be the hand of the whole plot, they are going to weaken us emotionally and spiritually and prepare for beign enslaved by aliens.

Most of the grey aliens are goign to disguise themselves as humans, except when feeding, and pose as Christians, priests and teachers. They already have worked out a very complicated and detailed plan, it is scary how vcarefully orchestrated and rehearsed the whole thign is.

The scary thign is they are gonna be here in less than 6 months, and no one on earth knows about it or believes that it is gonna happen (this+ slavery, degradation, being killed and devoured the way abducted cows are, being cruelly tortured - greys are incredibly sadistic). And the space lizards are counting on us not knowing about them, not talking between each another about them, and being nice and obedient to them when they arrive. That's why I think we should global terrorist-attack idicator to code orange or code red and talk about it, and maybe petition US government to destroy all alien labs on Earth and in US, and end contracts which allow greys to visit earth and occasionally collect experimental material.

there's a text on, under ufo, forward slash "conspire.htm"

also, to see what the kizards have been up to between themselves the live journal name of their community is unitarian_jihad .

Please don't just sleep, do something!

P>S. Also, they might blow up continent of America if they manage to lay their hands on the necessary stuff.

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Eris and the Season of Grummet

O Freunde, nicht diese Töne,
sondern lasst uns angenehmere
anstimmen, und freudenvollere.

-Symphony no. 9, 4th Movement, Beethoven

Indeed, with the age of Bureaucracy (though, some would call it the age of Deimocracy) raging all around us, it is good to get some inspiration from the Universe, or at least scientists who believe they are clever. I agree with the sentiment that September 14th should far outshine the Tower Card that was played 5 years ago. I mean, it should be noted that the Bureaucrats and Follower of Greyface aren't playing with a Full Deck: they're missing cards like "The Fool", "The Lovers", and "Justice." But we should not mark that day as simply a new Discordian Holy-Day, but as the beginning of a new Age or Aeon: the Aeon of Eris. Or, at the very least the beginning of the return to the Age of Verrwirung, which is Grummet.

"Freude, schöner Götterfunken
Tochter aus Elysium
Wir betreten feuertrunken,
Himmlische, dein Heiligtum.
Deine Zauber binden wieder,
Was der Mode Schwert geteilt;
Bettler werden Fürstenbrüder,
Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt."1

-Ode to Joy

Now, if this sounds a bit histrionic or overly dramatic, then so be it! Since the Tower Card has already been played, it returns to the Antithesis Players card graveyard. Certain Deimos and Martial Law cards may be played to supplement the Antithesis Players move, but quite clearly, the next card in the Thesis Player's deck is The Star. The rules of this Card which is being played, state this: "Every Man And Woman Is A Star." Now, it is no mere coincidence, but sheer synchronicity that the Star Card played here is in fact representative of many things, especially the "star" in the night sky that is Eris, our newest heavenly body shining in her Chaotic Orbit. It may also be that we are star-shaped beings. It may be that have a strange field around our bodies called a MerKaBa. But certainly the Great Beast Crowley and his Great Angel Aiwass knew that 100 years later, these cards would be played. The game, the cycles of Order and Chaos are predictable, certainly, in their symbolism, if not in their absolute manifestation. Look in the Illuminatus Trilogy's many appendixes, which reference these ages and you will see that the Age of Bureaucracy (Beamtenherrschaft) is related to the Tower Card.

And yes, when I say Tower Card, I mean the events of September 11th, 2001. No need to turn it into a euphemism. And there is no need to deny that thousands of people died on that day. But it was all in the name of the establishment of Deimocracy (that is, the rule through fear, a tool of many fascists). However, anyone can see the creation of your own Antithesis Player (i.e., the manufactuing of political enemies and "terrorists"), when you are already an Antithesis Player simply creates more Order, and thus closed systems (like the xena-phobic borders of America) and thus more entropy! By creating antithetical allies to your own antithesis, you effectively recreate thesis, and thus you begin to lose the game. Its the Bureaucrats and the Death-Mongers and the Overly Serious People who don't understand that this is an Infinite Game, and in order to win, we have to keep people playing the game, rather than trying to find the End of the game.

But I say to you, dear friends, and even dear enemies, that things will change. There will be an age of Aftermath, and there will be an Eristocracy. There is nothing that can stop this. Your card has been played, and is effectively out of play for the next 23 turns! Now, the Star Card is being played. The Eris Card. On that card the "water" flows back into the river of Chaos. That is so very appropriate imagery for the age of Grummet.

I hear people wonder what this "new" (dwarf) planet means to Astrology and that is wonderful. We really do need to, and want to know! What should Her symbol be? What is an Eridian year? Will we send her a Probe, called "Golden Apple" to go and meet her? And, in my mind, I feel that perhaps Markoff Chaney, the well-known midget, had something to do with all this "dwarf planet" business. I mean, really. But She is Here.

This will - it MUST - be an age of hope and Aftermath. But not one of those post-apocalyptic kinds, if people like you and me have anything to do with it. This will be an age of celebration. Of Joyfulness, and freedom. A smack in the face to the Deimocrats and the Republifascists. It will be an age like Atlantis supposeldy was, with resonant technology, not spear-chucking primitivism. Thus the new motto of this age of Grummet is this:

"Every Man and Woman is a (Rock) Star"

Which is a saying which I lovingly take from the great sage, the esteemed and venerated Mölar Mountré, who has cleverly warped and adapted it for the modern day, from the Original, taken from Crowley. It has multiple meanings in this day and age. And I will leave them all up to you, my Discordian brothers, sisters, and unisexuals to decide what that particular phrase means to YOU. And what you plan to do with it. Does it refer to Starbuck's pebbles? Does it refer to the dwarf planet Eris, a "rock" star shining in the sky? Does it refer to Rock music? Perhaps all of these things and more.

But it is up to people like you and I to CELEBRATE the fall of the Bureaucrats and their Order. Dance in the street. Invite those other people, crippled by their seriousness to a party in their honor. They need to lighten up. People with heavy hearts get eaten by Ammut. Some will say that it is surely impossible for the Conspiracy to Fall, but I point out to all of you that it is merely inevitable. It is a matter of TIME. We always have ever been the player of Both Hands, both the Thesis Player and the Antithesis Player. Yes, then it is TRUE, we play only with ourselves. Thus, keep September 14th in your pineal glad or foot gland(or wherever you like to keep such things)!

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1. Translation: "Joy, beautiful spark of the Gods / Daughter of Elysium / We march, drunk with fire, / Heavenly, thy sanctuary / Thy magic binds together / What custom's sword has strongly parted, / Beggars become princes' brothers /Dwelling under the safety of your wings." - and yes I used Schiller's original, because it smacks the face of the Deimo-Capitalists with the Five Fingered Hand of Eris!
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Fellow Popes, Priests, and Saints:

I have noticed that our new dwarf planet (they prefer to be called 'little planets, but anyway), Eris, does not have a symbol. Ceres has a symbol [here]. But our Lady of Discord does not have a symbol [as seen here in this chart]. WTF!?

Might I suggest to our scientist people who make up these astronomical and astrological symbols perhaps something like the greek letter "K", but backwards, for "Kallisti", the words inscribed on the Apple of Discord?

If not that, then perhaps the symbol found on the title page, and on page 00021 of the Principia: the Five Fingered Hand of Eris.

What do YOU think?

...It would be interesting to know how our astrological charts come out with plotting Eris, by the way.
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The Miriadic Wiki Needs your Assistance

Hi. I'm sure you have seen posts about the Wiki in past Miriadic posts, and to some this might seem like a 'dead' community, but most of the "work" is actually done on the Miriadic Wiki:

In short, the Miriadic wiki has 162 Entries. Mostly written by yours truly. As of last check, however, the number of wanted articles we need is around 743. That's a lot!

So, if you'd like to pitch in with some article updating (most of our articles are stub-sized), please feel free to do so. :P

A little bit about myself

Hi, I'm new. *waves*

My name is Hanna. I am a reader/writer/singer/jewelry maker/lover/fighter/pagan/music whore/drawer/painter.

I have a great interest in philosophy and religion and study whatever I can get my hands on reguardless, when I have the time. Time is the killer on that one though. And my resources are somewhat limited.

I guess this is enough about me, how about ya'll?
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Hey, take some time out of your busy work schedule...

The MIRIAD WIKI really needs your submissions. And your dominations. Of all denominations. We need writers and thinkers and doers and such. You don't have to be out standing in your field. You have to be in front of your computer. You know some interesting facts you'd like to share, or just get to know the Miriadic perspective? Come join the ever changing Xenoglossary!

Please keep the copy-pasting from wikipedia to a minimum, okie dokie? Originality is best, with extra secret Herbs and Spices.
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Your Mission...

If you choose to accept it, it to spread the simple message:


anywhere you can. Happy meme seeding. Oh yeah, and check out the Miriadic Wiki. Please contribute to the cause of spreading mystical knowledge!
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We All Must Question the Death of Gonzo Journalism

I knew there was something fishy sounding about Hunter S. Thompson's death, something that just didn't sound right. Sure, he said he might off himself, but he was speaking in literary terms, he wanted to kill that bastard Raoul Duke, man, not himself. I find his neighbors to be quite questionable. That is, they should be hauled in for questioning. If they weren't oil grubbing foriegners with diplomatic immunity or whatever, that is.

Are the swine winning?
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(no subject)

Does the fact that there were a lot of fake badges found recently make you feel safer, or make you wonder if there are more cops out there who are pretending to be cops?

damnable errorists.
Wolfgang Lettl (spirit)

Sex Magick

Sex Magick And Goetic Operations A Manual



     Magick and limits. In reality, there are no limits to the human psyche, only limits that we

or society place on us. Magick involves expanding or removing these self imposed limits

from ourselves through self exploration and development, and exerting our will on the


     Self imposed limits vary from person to person. The vast bulk of humanity is content to

stay within the mundane 9-5 routine, and stay within the limits set by society, religion,

and family expectations. Other people test their limits in a variety of ways, none of

which is wrong. While stretching and exploring your limits may not conform to societal

expectations, the bottom line is you are exploring and expanding yourself. What society

wants or expects is really not relevant in this context.

     Self imposed limits vary from person to person. Limits are set from within. An example

may be two people aboard a skydiving flight. The novice is perfectly content to stay on

board a perfectly good airplane, and is terrified to jump out of its comforting enclosure.

The other more adventuresome skydiver can’t wait to leap out of the door, and

experience the ecstasy of freefall and the experience few others enjoy. While there is

nothing wrong with staying on board the plane, you will never experience the joy and

ecstasy unless you are willing to let go and take the leap. Self imposed limits, or the

freedom from limits; it’s your choice.

     The following is on goetic magickal operations, incorporating sex magick techniques. If

you want to stay on board the plane, that’s fine. But you better stop now, and pick up

some other warm and fluffy text. This is not for you. If you are ready to take the leap

and explore your limits, come along. You’re in for the thrill of a lifetime, and some new

and powerful magickal techniques.

Explore Your Limits